Stories with Purpose

Storytelling is one of the oldest ways to inform and communicate on the planet. These books go beyond entertaining to tell stories that hold lessons for anyone looking for insight into today’s world based on the experiences of those from the past.

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Book cover for The Girls Who Fought Crime by Maj. Gen. Mari K. Eder, U.S. Army. Retired. Features 5 women in black and white with only the blue of their uniforms showing. The book's subtitle reads, "The Untold True Story of the Country's First Female Investigator and Her Crime Fighting Squad."


Library Reads August 2023 Notable Nonfiction Pick

Corsets, Crime, and the Woman to Change Modern Policing Forever

For fans of Margot Lee Shetterley and Liza Mundy comes an inspiring feminist tale of a woman who dedicated her entire life to the New York Police Department, upending the patriarchy and the status quo for women working in public service.

An inspiring work about a persistent woman who succeeded in a challenging profession.


2022 Library of Virginia People’s Choice Nonfiction Award Winner

Selected an Amazon Best Book of the Month in History

Selected a Top 10 Read by The Washington Post

“Eder’s engaging writing makes these compelling histories read like a suspense novel. A highly recommended account that will draw in readers of U.S. history and women’s history.”

“A chronicle of a group of courageous women whose contributions to World War II ‘put comic book heroines to shame.’”

“This brisk and informative survey is a worthy tribute to the trailblazing women of WWII.”


I’ve been included, alongside a list of other fantastic military authors, in this year’s Military Writers Society of America anthology!

The Military Writers Society of America encourages our veterans and their family members to write. Not only to preserve history one story at a time, but we believe writing can be a form of therapy much needed by several who have returned home. These are some of those stories.